Babe Ruth app

App design for the New York Daily News

In 2010, Gould became a beta user for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite software which used the foundations of InDesign to make apps.

Gould also had access to the New York Daily News hard copy pictures, negatives and a clippings library as well as historic bound editions. She thought she’d make an app about on of New York’s icons – Babe Ruth. Researching, she found during the 1920s, there were eight or more editions a day.

These editions were critical when covering a major sports event for updating scores, however the pictures used in the earlier editions were never seen in later editions. And they certainly weren’t digitised. The scores of the games also were critical as it explained why Babe Ruth was the magnificent sportsman he was.

The app consisted of very rare images – both on the field and personal pictures, pull down scores for various games, a podcast from a radio show, Ruth’s contract that could be scrolled through – a wide variety of material bound into one app.

Gould showed the app to the then editor of the Daily News – to show what the assets of the News library could potentially produce. The editor claimed that apps would never catch on and to forget about them.

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