Waitrose weekly newspaper app

Print-to-app turnaround in 36 hours for 100+ pages, both orientations, adjusting images, illustrations

Britain’s richest grocer Waitrose publishes a food and store orientated newspaper every week. The 32-page tabloid newspaper has many features using top photographers, food writers, celebrities and chefs.  They wanted the newspaper to be an app aswell.

Gould established a team in London and New York (to take advantage of the time difference) to turn around the original InDesign print pages to app pages, in both portrait and landscape orientations. Often this required altering the images and illustrations to fit. The problem was each features would make three app pages. And with each tabloid page having two or three features, the turnaround for the became over 200 pages.

Thsi project continued for many months until production was taken into their own studios.

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