Create the diet to work for you

So this is how it works. You have three days of green stuff, to unblock the pipes, then slowly introduce foods into your diet. You’ll know pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t

What’s the diet?

It’s a progressive diet, you start with is a method of cleaning out the “pipes” inside you, then modifying the diet for you to make it a lifestyle rather than a fad.

In the process – because you’re eating differently – your body will start changing and reacting to food differently too. For instance, eliminating loads of preservatives  and artificial food enhancers, will restore your original taste over time, rather than it being dictated to and triggered by unknown quantities of hidden chemicals.

The three days of “green stuff”is fairly restrictive but it’s the kick-starter your body needs. If you can do more days even better.

Then follows about 10 days of adding different foods, slowly, and watching how they affect you, and finally working out what your personal diet will be from then.

This is a diet to wake-up the body, your 30,000 mile service – a clean up and to get rid of the bad stuff out of your liver, and those fine capillaries in your kidneys and pancreas. 

And yes it’s difficult  – but I’ll chat about a mind game you play with yourself to get through it later.

The first few days are the worst but once you get through that, things start changing and it’s pretty easy to manage.


Ok, just remember – my DNA is not your DNA, so what I did, the changes I made may not have the same affect on you. And depending on how fit you are, or how diabetic you are, or what medications your are taking – then you may have to get a doc’s OK, to go ahead with this. Be repsonsible to yourself.  

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