The first three days – the GREEN STUFF

It’s restrictive eating but not forever. This is a diet to make changes inside your body, to get rid of the bad stuff out of all your liver, those fine capillaries in your pancreas and kidneys. 

The first three days are the worst because you’re in a time of adjustment, so be patient and give yourself  three days.

The diet is not restricted by volume of food, only the type of food. But once you get through three days, things start changing and things start getting pretty easy to manage – including the ironing. My goal was not to loose weight, my goal was to stop being tired 

Here’s the diet for three days… Wait for this…

  • No flour, nothing made from a grain – especially bread and including rice
  • No dairy, milk, eggs, butter, cheese.
  • No poultry, meat or fish 
  • No fresh fruit, no dried fruit, no smoothies, certainly no fruit juices
  • No vegetables grown under the ground – including potatoes – in any shape or form, and forget carrots
  • No sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners 
  • No bread or pastry or pasta 
  • No alcohol, no diets sodas, only water although weak black coffee is OK. 
  • No fats, butter or oil. 
  • No nuts, raisins, dried fruit mixes, health bars
  • No onions, peppers or tomatoes

Unblocking the tubes requires you eating something fibrous and small, so it breaks down quickly in the digestive organs… it is essentially anything with a green leaf  as well as anything from the broccoli or cauliflower families. 

  • Lettuces ( many varieties now, mix them up to make this interesting),
  • Roquette, mache, lambs lettuce, watercress, cress
  • Broccoli, broccoli spears, purple brocolli
  • Cauliflower, romanesque cauliflower, purple varieties
  • Chard, cabbage, purple cabbage, kale, spinach
  • Chicory or endives
  • Pea shoots and any shooting lentils or beans
  • Celery, cucumber

I can hear you saying I don’t like green stuff. Nobody does, especially when you like a bacon sandwich or a good  cheeseburger … but it’s not forever, and it’s not a punishment. It’s a life change.

You can have any volume of the green list above for three days to fill you up. Some of you might not have  the energy for cooking right? Can’t be bothered?  Make the effort for three days and after that,  the bolt of energy that appears gives you your life back. On the fourth day, I cleaned the whole house, weeded the garden and even did the ironing. 

If you haven’t eaten this type of stuff before its a challenge, so I’m going to give some ideas for making these three days more interesting for you on another page. I’m not a slave to cooking so they are quick and easy.

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