Tools you never knew your needed

Part of getting your diet tailored for you is discovering the tool that make life easier


If you’re like me you haven’t got the patience for chopping or slicing, or the accuracy, you need the right tools so His Lordship introduced me to a mini mandolin.

It’s a gadget with a wickedly sharp blade in it so watch out. Use the sliding implement. But the people at OXO Good Grips have a hand-held version, that’s easy to operate and easy to wash and slices stuff in seconds. So making an interesting salad takes minutes, and in future days, this will be a blessing to you. Just don;t ket the kids get their hands on it. Its a seriously surgical blade.×1400/8cbb9603cd1c8aa64a161403a3adb86b/1/1/1119100_3.jpg

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