Chris Wood: Evening Blue

Deluxe limited-edition vinyl-sized book set – 200+ page casement bound book, with inserted 180 gms vinyl album and 4 CDs.

Design, photography, pre-press, website, marketing, advertising, social media, video, editing, merchandise.

Chris Wood was a very special musician  – besides being a co-founder (along with Steve Winwood, Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi) of the famed 60s/70s prog rock British band, Traffic, Wood was also an innovator of technology and his unique method of playing sax and flute – which to this day has never been copied.

Over four years, HiddenMasters founder Neil Storey searched for Chris’ lost master tapes – discovering his music in barns, attics, covered in cobwebs, and hidden in suitcases. Together with Richard Whittaker at FX, all the music was remastered.

Gould meanwhile was trawling through pictures agencies to discover masses of negatives form the times and many unpublished pictures. Having being a picture editor in newspapers, and used to working in agencies archives, she was please to see so much music history available. Some pictures required extensive restoration work. She remembers one Christmas day spending four hours repairing a picture that had been ripped up which someone had kept.

Neil Storey conducted many new interviews for this project and Jayne also interviewed a few musicians, including the late Keith Emerson.

Various videos were made for this project in the build up to its launch by Gould, and also much social media marketing, with considerable maintenance.

Evening Blue received the most amazing reviews from all of the top music magazines and some pro-music writers.

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