HiddenMasters Music Publishing

Corporate identity, branding, merchandise, advertising, photography, websites, social media, publicity

Neil Storey founded a contemporary music publishing company, specialising in the back catalogue of major musicians of the 60s and 70s. Having been Head of Press for Island Records before starting his own music management company. Storey is one of the Sherlock Holmes of the music industry who knows where most things are from that great era of analog vinyl.

The company needed a logo that reflected the type of work that would be recognised by the industry – Hidden Masters set against a back drop of tape boxes.

Websites, social media, videos. adverts all follow the corporate style.

One website was developed in a unique magazine design style with many magazine elements using Adobe Muse:- such as polygon pictures runarounds, overlapping text across coloured background and pictures.

Simple things such as customized polystyrene packaging also has to be designed and prototyped.

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