The Jess Roden Anthology

Limited edition casement bound book-set with 6-CDs and 32-page book, design, picture restoration, website, social media, publicity.

After finding 768 tracks of music on hidden master tapes – of which the majority were unpublished – Neil Storey and Jess Roden got down to remastering the best for 6 CDs. The book they were housed in, contained equally unpublished pictures with new interviews with Jess and his fellow musicians and producers about the making of his music.

Once named the best white soul singer by Quincy Jones, Roden had a remarkable career touring with his band, other bands and solo. He also fronted a band called the Butts Band more famous for the other members, the Doors minus Morrison.

The first production for HiddenMasters, the album, design, posters, publicity had Jess fully involved. as he was a former graphic designer in New York.

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